Eat This Book

Written by Gary Taylor

This past Sunday we introduced a Bible reading plan titled, "Let's Read the Bible Together."  I talked about having an appetite for God's Word, and read a verse from Ezekiel 3.  The Lord instructed Ezekiel to eat a scroll.  Yes, a scroll.  Ezekiel did just that, and then, like a food critic, wrote "it tasted sweet as honey."

John, too, was asked to partake of a scroll sandwich, and he talks about it in Revelation 10.  "I took the little scroll from the angel's hand and ate it. It tasted as sweet as honey in my mouth, but when I had eaten it, my stomach turned sour."

I'd love to tell you to read your Bible every day of 2018 because it is always sweet.  But there will also be days when a truth pierces us, messes with us, unsettles us.  We need the sweet with the sour.  We need the loving encouragement, and we also need the loving and soul-searching correction.  I really hope you will join me for this daily feast.

Why I love this particular reading plan...

  • Through the YouVersion App, you have the option to listen to the daily passages.  If you are not a big reader, or if you have time during your commute, use the audio feature.
  • In total, this plan requires only 15 or so minutes of reading per day.  (Or, again, 15 minutes of listening.)

And this is the big reason...

  • We read through the Bible TOGETHER.  It's a shared experience, with shared conversations.  What seemed sweet to you may taste sour to me, but that's OK.  We read it together as a group while God mysteriously speaks to us individually.

Pick up a bookmark on Sunday with this month's reading schedule.  Or click get started today.