Written by Gary Taylor

When I was a kid, we had snow on our television.  You've got to be a certain age to know what I mean by snow on television.  

Back in the rabbit-ear days of television, there were certain channels that never came in clearly, if at all.  The signal was too weak.  On those channels, it was impossible to make out the characters or the voices due to a hissing noise and the thousands of white, flickering pixels otherwise known as "snow." A white, static-like blanket covered the television screen.  An electronic blizzard.  

I would fiddle with the antennae, pointing the thin, telescoping metal rods this way and that, hoping to pick up a clear, analog signal.  Aluminum foil crudely wrapped the ends of each antenna, but sometimes that wasn't enough; the snow storm continued.  Strangely, placing my hands on the antennae somehow helped clear up the picture and improve reception.  When that was the case, I'd have to continue standing there - not letting go - so my dad could watch his program.  From a very young age I accepted my call as a human antenna.  

The homes surrounding Central have huge and brilliantly clear flat-screen televisions.  But Jesus is a channel our neighbors don't tune in to.  We are praying that 15-tons of snow on Christmas Eve will improve their reception of the Christmas story. In this way, snow is not the annoying hum and static of an old television; snow becomes a path leading people to the humble Savior.

The television kind of snow obscures the characters and drowns out the storyline, but what if our snow actually helped people see more clearly?  What if snow could clarify rather than conceal?  What if a single day of snow led to the melting of decades of doubt and skepticism?

One more parallel I wish to draw from this snowy metaphor: My dad could watch television best when I was a human extension of the antenna, improving reception.  Would you accept your call as a human extension of God's incarnating love?

We are asking you, Central family, to lend a hand so someone can see Jesus more clearly.  Stand beside the people you invite, not letting go, so they can hear the Christmas Story.

Spread the word.  And sign up online to serve.