Some More. Some Less.

Written by Gary Taylor

The word "summer" sounds to me like the two words, "some more." (If you say "some more" fast enough, and grit your teeth as you say "more"...)

But can we agree that there are times when we need "some less" rather than "some more" in our lives? Sabbath is a Biblical response to our need for some less.  God modeled some less.  He devoted a busy day to some more creating, then stepped back in the evening to look over the work he had done.  "It is good," was his response.  And then on the seventh day he rested.  He Sabbathed. 

After a week of some more, he chose some less.

What do you do at the end of a long work day?  Do you go home and do some more?  Or would you consider gifting yourself with some less?  Try it today.  Head home for dinner, review your day, and say those same three words God voiced.  And then devote yourself to an evening of some less.

Today is my mom's birthday. She would have been 74. She's been home with Jesus for 11 years now. One of my favorite memories with my mom is eating her magnificently delicious-yet-simple grilled cheese sandwiches as we talked late into the night about the stuff of life.

Beth and I are fixing grilled cheese sandwiches tonight, remembering mom, and talking about the stuff of life. Simple. Basic. I think of it as "some less" rather than "some more."

And, it is good.

In this busy "some more" of summer, how will you choose "some less"?