We Are Jonah

Written by Gary Taylor

"Planes, Trains, and Automobiles."  It's a laugh-out-loud movie starring Steve Martin and John Candy.  They serendipitously hop aboard planes, trains and various automobiles on an antics-filled quest to get home by Thanksgiving.  Though rerouted out of their way to Kansas due to a storm, (spoiler alert!) they eventually arrive at their Chicago destination.

"Feet, Fish and Boats." 

That could be a movie title starring Jonah, his meandering journey, and his determination to avoid responsibility.  Part pedestrian, part fish bait, Jonah rerouted far out of the way, causing a storm.  (Spoiler alert...) Despite his rebellion, Jonah eventually arrived at Nineveh, God's chosen destination for him.

Where are you headed?  How circuitous has your journey been up to this point? What 3-word movie title characterizes your journey?... 

Church, Works, and Disappointment? 

Addiction, Recovery, and Relapse?

School, Work, and Pleasure?

Friendship, Fights, and Trust?

Whatever "vehicles" have carried you through life, I have GREAT NEWS: There is a patient and merciful God with unrelenting plans for your life.  He has set His sights on a particular city where he wants you to show his great mercy.  (Spoiler alert...you may already be living in that city!)

In our new series - "We Are Jonah" - we highlight how our lives parallel the sometimes rebellious, sometimes obedient Jonah.  And how we need the always merciful God.