The Very Worst Friend

Written by Gary Taylor

I recently read a book titled, "The Very Worst Missionary." It's a super-raw, naked-honest, irreverent memoir by Jamie Wright. (If you choose to read the book, be warned: it is NOT Rated G, or even R. Probably more like MA.) I found portions of the book refreshing, especially for a guy like me with my own "very worst" moments.

A phrase similar to "very worst missionary" popped into my head this morning while following our Bible Reading Plan. Matthew 26 chronicles the dark hours of Jesus earthly life leading up to His arrest in the Garden. As Judas drew close with poisoned lips and a stabbing kiss, Jesus said, "Do what you came for, friend" (verse 50).  

How did Jesus love the "very worst friend"???

I sat on the couch until my coffee grew cold. I couldn't wrap my mind around Jesus' persistent and endless love. Then I penned this reflection/confession to my Bible Reading Plan group:

Perhaps the only miracle greater than the resurrection was that Jesus could still call Judas (and me) "friend."
When I am at my very worst. 

When I am in a position to wound Him most. 

When my lips are still puckered and my kisses pierce like rusty spikes. 

Even then, Jesus miraculously calls me friend. He loves me when I'm flat on my back in the cold grave of my darkest choices.

Like smelling salts waved beneath my nose, the name "friend" is exhaled in my face, like smelling salts waved beneath my nose, startling me back to life.