Be Bold

Written by Scott Primeau

When I read the book of Acts I am reminded God really can do ANYTHING!  We read how God performed miraculous signs and wonders.  We see the church filled with the Holy Spirit, buildings shaken, 3000 baptized in a day.  We see the church persecuted, and believers seeking and proclaiming the gospel with massive courage.  The book of Acts is amazing!  

I love it, but it is also incredibly challenging.  

I am challenged by the boldness of the church.  They faced imprisonment and even death to proclaim the gospel, and yet they were full of joy, loved each other, and through them God demonstrated His power and faithfulness.   I love thinking about how I can more boldly proclaim the gospel.  I pray for it.  I talk about it with my Christian friends.  But the truth is, "thinking about it" and "wishing for it" aren't enough.  Faith without works is dead.

To really live this out I have to go further than just believing God can and will use me to save people.  

First, I need the Holy Spirit. John 6:63 says "the Spirit gives life; the flesh can do nothing." It doesn't matter how persuasive or talented I am, I cannot raise people from the dead.  Jesus can. And I need His Holy Spirit, His leading, conviction, and power.  

Secondly, I need courage.  To be honest, at times I am fearful.  I sometimes care more how others perceive me instead of the One who made me, loves me, and gave His life for me.  

And lastly, I need a greater sense of urgency.   I often tell myself I have more time.  I think there will be other conversations or opportunities to challenge someone to give their life to Jesus.  But time is short, and I need to seize every opportunity to be His witness.  

It is my prayer in 2018 that the Holy Spirit would empower me to speak the Word of God more boldly, that I would GO and LIVE IT OUT like the church did in the book of Acts, and that I would get to participate with God in bringing many more to salvation.  

PS - I've been following the Bible Reading Plan we introduced to the church.  You can link to it here ....