Houston Relief Efforts

Written by Glyn Norman

Greetings church. This week I had the privilege of mailing our check to The Met church in Houston to help with their Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Our grand total was $32,243 and they are so appreciative of us joining them in partnership to make a difference in the name of Jesus.

According to news reports, the flooding and storm damage in Texas and Louisiana is expected to cost as much as $100 billion to clean up and repair the damage. (Business Insider, Sep 2)

So many people's lives have been devastated by this event, and it's an opportunity for the church of Jesus in Houston to be his hands and feet as they wade in (literally) and help with clean up.

I asked The Met what we could specifically pray for, and this is what they sent back:

"I wanted to circle back and share how we would like continued prayer for our friends and family affected by Harvey.  The homes that we have mudded out are now drying and it takes weeks, maybe longer, for them to be ready for rebuild.  This process could be months for some and years for others.  It is a journey that we want to walk through with them and remember to keep helping as this time goes on.  We appreciate all you are doing and have done.  Knowing we have family across the nation praying with us is such a blessing!!"

So, there it is church. Let's keep praying along the following lines:

  • that people in a time of physical crisis will also seek spiritual solutions
  • that the congregation at the Met will be the hands and feet of Jesus to many
  • that the God of all compassion will become more evident through their actions
  • for Spirit-led conversations as they are working alongside homeowners to repair their properties
  • for wisdom in how to distribute funds
  • that mended houses will lead to mended lives