Summer Camps Are Coming

Written by Kyle Power

Churches often say that they are in the transformation business.  We say that life transformation is our goal.  At Central we say that our mission is to reach the world for Jesus one person at a time.  As a youth ministry there is nothing we do that is more transformative than summer camp.  Camp is the most unique experience for students.  We take them away from their normal routine, from their normal environment, away from distractions and surround students with hundreds of other students and adults who love God and we provide space for students to experience God either for the first time or in a new way.  Time and time again I have seen the love and redemption of Jesus break through the largest walls a student could put up.  I have seen high school guys crying over experiencing the love of God, I have seen kids who didn't know each other become best friends after camp.  And if I had the spiritual eyes to see into the hearts of students, I could say that I have seen students go from death to life in the matter of one week.  That is why we care about camp. That is why we want as many students as possible to attend camp, because ultimately we KNOW that experiencing Jesus has the power to change the rest of their life, and the lives of the people they impact.

So how can you play a part?  I firmly believe that camp is a church wide event.  If you are a student - YOU GO.  If you are a parent or grandparent - YOU SEND.  If you are financially able - YOU GIVE.  If you are willing to stand in the gap spiritually - YOU PRAY.  The enemy knows what could happen at camp for these kids and would like nothing less than to take that from them.  We NEED people who are willing to pray for the students and leaders.  We need to prioritize camp over anything else going on over the summer for these students; nothing has the eternal impact that camp will.  We are one church, these students are the future church leaders, they are future missionaries, future teachers in San Jose.  These students will determine how the next generation of Jesus followers joins in His mission to reach San Jose.  It is our responsibility to invest in them, to love them, to support them, to do absolutely everything we can to get them to camp where they can experience the power of Jesus that will motivate them to be different when they come home.

How can you pray specifically for camp?

  • Pray that we are able to take 60 students to camp
  • Pray we have the adult leaders to support those students
  • Pray money is never a reason why a kids can not attend camp
  • Pray against the schemes of the enemy in the lives of these students leading up to camp
  • Pray for salvations to happen
  • Pray for a full cup for the leaders as they pour out all week long

Thank you church for partnering with us to make camp happen.