Written by Gary Taylor

I am discovering that California is known for more than Redwoods; this area can also be a giant forest of pollen-producing trees.  Around our house, Spring is the season for refilling allergy prescriptions, eye drops, and Kleenex.  Over the past few weeks, I noticed a light, yellow film covering my truck (but I'm happy to tell you it provides a pleasant contrast to the rust!) 

Nothing dodges the pollen.  It seems that the whole world has a powdery yellow hue.

This past Sunday we joined millions of Christ Followers worldwide celebrating Christ's resurrection.

And with the resurrection we celebrate that everything can be coated in signs of new life.  Everything we say, do, and experience can be coated in the Presence of the resurrected and living Christ.  Everything.  Not just Sunday things.  Not just churchy things.  Everything.  Everything, including relationships that grew cold and dormant. Everything including leafless, lifeless branches of former hope.  The resurrection changes the color of absolutely every relationship in your life.

Imagine your entire world coated in a resurrection hue.  Rather than acknowledging Easter for a day, what if we lived its meaning all year?  What if you allowed the life-giving power of the resurrection to contrast even the rustiest areas of your life?

A 24/7 life lived in the Presence of the Risen Savior is something serious to consider.  Or, you could say, "That's nothing to sneeze at."