One Date Can Change Everything

Written by Kristin Potter

One date can change everything.

It did for me, anyway.  

But before I tell you about October 16th, 2014, you'll need a bit of a "Kristin History Lesson".  

I met my husband, Josh, on the dating site, Both of us had very different experiences with online dating.  Josh was only on Match for 2 weeks or so before meeting me.  After one date, he was hooked and he said goodbye to online dating forever, at least that's how I like to tell the story. My online dating experience was a MUCH different tale. In fact before Josh came into my life, I was *this close* to starting a blog called "Kristin Mingle", compiling all of my first date tragedies, (trust me, there were many.  I could've ended up on Ellen with some of the ridiculousness of these dates, but I digress.) Needless to say 2014 brought a lot of heartache, a lot of "I don't get it God" and a lot of picking myself up and starting again.  Little did I know that God was preparing me for a date that would change everything.  

Our first date was sweet, ended with a "side hug"... (who gives a side hug, am I right?), but sweet nonetheless.  Our next couple of dates were even sweeter.  But it wasn't until the fourth date when everything changed for me.  

On October 16th, 2014, the Giants were in game 5 of the NLCS playoffs, (every good date story starts of with a Giants game). Josh and I decided to meet at a restaurant in Cupertino to watch the game. While driving there, I didn't feel nervous like I had the first couple of dates, I felt at ease, at peace. I walked in to the restaurant and saw Josh, sitting in a booth, with a drink already waiting for me (smooth).  We watched the game and talked the whole time... those "I want to know everything about you" talks- those are the best aren't they? Sitting there with him, participating in two of my favorites past times, baseball and talking, I once again was overwhelmed with a feeling of peace, a feeling of "normal"... a feeling of "I want to do this for the rest of my life".  

The game was coming to a close.  It looked grim for my San Francisco boys, until Michael Morse tied the game, 3-3 with his eighth inning home run... typical Giants torture.  And then Travis Ishikawa, Mighty Travis, stepped up to the plate.  That night was one for the record books- for The Giants, and for The Potters. Unassuming Travis hit that famous walk-off home run that clenched the division for the Giants and sent them to the World Series.  My most favorite game of baseball I've ever watched, sitting next to my future husband. I fell in love with Josh Potter that night, just sitting there, talking. I was getting to know him, and loving every second of it.  

Before Josh, dating always ended in heartache for me.  Regardless of who called it quits, it always felt defeating.  All that time and energy into "discovering" who someone was, and what they were about just felt like time wasted in the end.  But that "wasted time", wasn't that at all- I was discovering who I was, and what I was about all along.  And then came Josh.  

Dating as Mr. and Mrs. Potter still looks very similar. We still go out and watch games and we're still "discovering" each other, getting to know each other, finding out what each of us is about.  That will never stop.  In fact, its more important now than ever. I don't have to tell you how important quality time is, I'm sure you are aware of that.  But I want to encourage you to lean in to your spouse.  See them for who they really are to you, instead of just your kids' mom or dad.  Sometimes, I forget to see Josh as the sweet guy, sitting in the booth, patiently waiting for me with a drink. Instead I see him as the guy who leaves his shoes everywhere EXCEPT the closet.  Choose to draw near to your spouse... choose to get to know them again.  Choose to have a conversation that's not about work, or about the kids. Choose to set aside time just for each other, away from the distractions that can so easily pull you both in two separate directions.  God created you both to be a help to each other, just that! 

Married People, we are FOR your marriage here at Central.  God can use couples in amazing, life changing ways to further His kingdom.  We want to help you make time for each other, so you both can discover what God wants to do in you and through you as a team.  That's why we've declared March 11th as YOUR date night. Pick your favorite restaurant or coffee shop, pack up the kids if you got 'em and swing by Central.  We'll trade you one Date Box for your kiddos - just for three hours.  :)  Hurry and register here (insert event link) to reserve your spot! 

One date can change everything. Even if it's "the bottom of the ninth inning" for you and your spouse and it doesn't look good... one "swing" can turn the game around.  It did for Travis Ishikawa... and it did for me.