Women's Retreat

Written by Cathleen Norman

We moved here 3 years ago today (March 13), and this will be my 4th Women's Retreat with Central. I have to admit that I was a bit shy that first year. But I also felt extremely welcomed. I do not remember everyone I met that year, but I remember seeing my first banana slug while walking amongst Redwoods, eating snacks in my PJs near a fire, and enjoying a quiet rest from motherhood.

The following year was much more comfortable for me. I got to share a bit of my testimony, and I even got to teach a photography class! Carla Hansen and I ended up spending the majority of our Saturday afternoon angling our cameras for close-ups of flowers. (See above picture)

Last year was just as sweet. Our cottage was built on a hill in such a way that it felt like a treehouse. And my roommates and I bonded over coffee, sweet treats, and chatting about make-up... and everything else.

Maybe you are debating about whether or not to go on this retreat. Maybe hanging out with a bunch of women doesn't appeal. Maybe you are so busy that giving up most of your weekend feels like a huge sacrifice. Maybe you are worried that your husband cannot handle the kids by himself. Maybe finances are tight, and this seems like too much of a luxury. And I get it. Those are all valid reasons for not going.

But. I believe that God can make a way for you to feel comfortable. I believe He is going to build forever friendships. I believe He will provide finances to invest in your relationship with Him and in your fellow females in the battle (and beauty) of this life. I believe He is going to build us up this weekend to be better able to handle the business of work, motherhood, wifehood, womanhood. 

We have been planning space for you to relax, be creative, learn, and connect. And our prayer is that this retreat be an ADVANCE for His Kingdom!