Monuments and Footprints

Written by Gary Taylor

"A monument only says, 'At least I got this far,' while a footprint says, 'This is where I was when I moved again.'" ~ William Faulkner

We must celebrate monumental accomplishments.  But we cannot rest in them, nor find complacent satisfaction in them.  The best use of a monument is to recall it in a way that fuels the continuation of our journey.

The Church - especially as we read of it in Acts, and as exemplified by the churches of Smyrna and Philadelphia - is to be more movement than monument.  The Church is comprised of disciples who are followers.  And followers are on the move, walking in Jesus' footprints. 

Pause to remember monumental acts of God, but don't stand still long enough for grass to grow beneath your feet.  Keep moving.  You'll discover that when your feet are involved in a movement, there won't be time to bow in worship of a monument.

Our church is called to leave footprints - footprints the size and shape of Jesus.  Live and love as Jesus would if he lived in Silicon Valley, as Jesus would if he worked your job, as Jesus would if he was a member of your family.  Walking like Jesus throughout our city leaves footprints marking a movement.

What if the legacy we leave our children, grandchildren and friends is a set of footprints?  Nothing wrong with something like a monumental trust fund, but why not continuous footprints that tell the story of your courageous, never-ending, never-settling journey of faith? 

This Sunday, Adrian Sanchez - a Central-sponsored missionary - is speaking (at our one worship service at 10am).  He and his family have been leaving footprints for many, many years.  They walk through open doors.  Central has commissioned a monumental number of missionaries.  May our God-glorifying missionary monument fuel us forward, leaving more and more footprints.

What door has God opened for you? For most of us, the open door is this city. We are not called to build monuments here; our calling is to movements that leave an impression the size and shape of Jesus' feet.  Where will you leave a footprint today?