Total Cost for all projects ($425,000)

Project Breakdown

Raise the Roof ($300,000)*

Our biggest, and most expensive element is a total revamping of our covered patio area. The green canopy is about 10 years old and near the end of its useful life. We have patched it but it really needs replacing, and this provides us with a great opportunity to dramatically improve this whole area.

This covered patio area is often very dark, and to a visitor, looks somewhat unwelcoming. In addition, the direction you need to take to get into the sanctuary is not very clear to first-timers.

Our plan is to create a new gable-style canopy, 6-8 feet higher than the current one, which will allow much more natural light to come in, and also a pleasant cross-breeze during the warmer summer months. The lower green canopy tends to trap the heat, and this new structure will avoid that problem.

The portico-style entrance and obvious pathways will make the entrance to the sanctuary very clear and solve our current drainage problems.

As a result of the architectural changes, most of the current interior pillars can be removed, creating a more open and useful space. We are planning a centrally located WELCOME and NEXT STEPS booth to replace the current Life Path table. Its more central location will make it very hard to miss, and facilitate an easy way for people to find out what the next step in discipleship is, whether that is joining a Life Group, serving somewhere, attending a Membership Class or Snapshot.

We are also considering relocating the coffee cart towards the front, with a roll-up door into the side of Room 12, so that it will not need to be dismantled and reassembled every Sunday. This will make it easier to set up, and protect the equipment that sometimes gets damaged in transit from storage to the coffee cart.

We will make sure that it is still possible to move from the Sanctuary to the Children’s Classrooms under cover, so that you would not get wet if it’s raining.

The Raising of the Roof will be the most dramatic improvement to the campus, making the church immediately more bright and welcoming, and more user-friendly for current members and visitors alike.


Children's Playground & Classrooms ($75,000)

Central is a church that believes in the value of children, and as such, we are keen to create an optimal environment for both the children and their teachers. Some of our children’s classrooms do not have air conditioning, which can make for a challenging environment in the warmer months. We plan to install central air in these rooms.

Additionally, the playground area has equipment that is nearing the end of its life. We plan to bring in a new playground, the quality of which expresses the high value we place on children and families at Central. As people enter the patio area, this is one of the first things they see, and it communicates something positive if our equipment is well designed and safe. It says to families, “We’ve been expecting you, and you can be sure your children are important to us here.”

Exterior Painting ($10,000)

The church is in need of a painting refresh. We are considering painting the whole exterior (with a major portion of volunteer help) and adding more attractive landscaping and lighting for the side that faces Meridian Ave which gives most people their first impression of the church. Thousands of people drive by every day, and we want to maximize our visibility and appeal to the local community.

Multipurpose Room ($25,000)

The name says it all. This room, which was the former sanctuary of the church when it was first built, is used for multiple purposes, from Wednesday Women’s Bible Study, to Life Group Leader Training, to Memorial Service Receptions and more. This room is in need of painting, and the current chairs and tables are worn, and sometimes stained. We will aim to make this a more functional and attractive environment for all the activities hosted there.

Youth Room ($15,000)

For some time the Youth Ministry Department has wanted a room that the youth of the church could call their own. A plan has been submitted and the room (combining Rooms 1 and 2 on campus) is currently under renovation with contemporary decor and full technical facilties including WiFi, large screen TV, game consoles and more. This will create an environment to which our youth can enthusiastically invite friends, rather than the more generic Multipurpose Room.

*Cost has increased over the last 2 years


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