What happened to the solar panel project?  Did we decide not to do it?

The proposed new canopy will extend over the existing roofline, and we thought it wise to wait until later for the solar panel project, once we have a clearer idea of what roof space is available and which sight lines would be affected.

What about other campus improvements like the kitchen? Are those being discussed for a future project?

We are fully aware that there are other areas on campus that need attention, like the kitchen. However, that would be an additional high-cost project that has less of an immediate impact on the attractiveness and usability of our facility. Due to the change in building codes over recent years, retrofitting the kitchen would be a major overhaul. If the giving to the Raise the Roof project significantly exceeds the anticipated amount, we will discuss which project has the next highest priority.

Can I make a pledge now and fulfill the pledge over time? How long would I have?

We want to make it as easy as possible for people to give in a way that makes most sense to them. People will be able to make a one-time contribution, or a pledge over a number of months, probably until the end of the year. Ideally, the bulk of the money would come earlier on, so that expenses can be paid as they arise, and we do not have to temporarily borrow from savings.

Why are we not covering the entire patio space? It looks like there are some small areas open to the sun and weather.

We are covering approximately the same overall square footage, but do not want the new design to be dark and “cave-like” similar to the old one.  This design allows adequate natural light to come into the space while protecting from the rain as well as scorching sun.

Can I make gifts of stock instead of straight cash to the project?

Absolutely. Our Treasurer Tanya Garside can guide you through how to do this.

Some of the needed funds are coming from savings. Where did this money come from?

$250,000 of the needed funds is already in savings. This came from the sale of the cell-phone tower lease, which was bringing in an income of around $12,000 per year to the church. We considered that we could do something more significant with the lump sum (equivalent to 20 years of lease income) rather than with the lesser annual income. Additionally, any future technological changes that make cell-towers defunct will now not impact us. We don’t have to give the money back if Google covers the earth with cell-phone satellite balloons.

How long will this project take?

We anticipate that the bulk of the work could be completed within 3-4 months.

Will this project change our campus operating budget?

No. This project should not make any significant difference to our regular operating budget.

Why are we spending so much money on “ourselves” when we could give it to missions or some other worthy cause?

San Jose is a mission field too. A statistic I heard before I came here was that only 3% of Silicon Valley attends church on any given Sunday. If we can make our campus more attractive and appealing to visitors, so that they stay and hear the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ, then I think it’s a worthwhile investment. Besides that, the church gave around 30% of total income received to missions last year, and we increased our percentage giving from 11% to 12% for this fiscal year. We will not be skimping on missions by doing this project.


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