A letter from the elders

Friends are coming over. Dust the surfaces. Vacuum the floors. Brew some coffee. Put out fresh flowers!  We all know the imperative of preparing our place when we are expecting visitors. We want them to enjoy a nice, clean, welcoming environment where they can feel comfortable and at home.

The same applies to our church facility. We want this to be a bright, welcoming place that sends the message: We’ve been expecting you!

Though we have the great privilege of a building that is paid for, and we are used to the quirks of our facility, some areas are showing their age and are in need of some TLC. Our green canopy is about at the end of its useful life (10 years) and though we’ve patched it, a better long-term solution is required. Other areas need repainting, new furniture, air conditioning and a general sprucing up.

Our Raise The Roof campaign is designed to upgrade our campus to the level where it is as warm and welcoming as the people who attend here. In the end, it’s not about the buildings, it’s about what happens inside the buildings, and in the hearts of the people God entrusts to us. The facility is just a vehicle for us to accomplish our vision of winning the world for Jesus, one person at a time. But environments matter, and studies show that people assess within a couple of minutes whether they like a church or not. It would be a shame if our facility failed to give a great first impression of being clean, inviting and comfortable.

As we create attractive environments for relational discipleship, we are trusting that God will lead us in loving Him and each other better. 

Please take a few moments to read through these details (links on the left) and get an idea of the changes that are ahead. Some of them are still in draft format, and the estimate of costs is provisional and may change later, but it will give you a good sense of what we have planned.

One of the things we love about Central is the sense of family, and that we are all in this together. Each person has a role to play, and I invite you to find yours. To the left, you’ll see a section that tells how you can be involved. Thank you.

Gene, Rick, and Chris