Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Have you ever felt that your life is like a revolving door? You arrive at the same place, wondering how you ended up here again. Do you wonder if there’s an alternative?

In this series, Change Your Story, Change Your Life, we are looking at characters from the Bible whose story took a dramatic turn for the better after an encounter with God. We’d love to have you join us on Easter Sunday and beyond as we look at changing our own stories with the goal of a better life.

4.16.17 | Easter Sunday (Story of Peter) | Glyn Norman

4.30.17 | The Demon-Possessed Man | Glyn Norman

5.14.17 | David | Scott Primeau

5.28.17 | Zacchaeus | Gary Taylor

6.11.17 | Paul | Chris Ferraro

4.23.17 | Woman Caught in Adultery | Glyn Norman

5.7.17 | Moses | Glyn Norman

5.21.17 | Sinful Woman | Glyn Norman

6.4.17 | Philip and the Ethiopian | Glyn Norman